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At the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, we believe that we are better together.

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Ohio’s trusted source of veterinary and animal information, the OVMA is a community of nearly 2,500 veterinarians across the state, working together to improve the quality of life of both animals and people. For more than 100 years, the OVMA has served its membership and the public at large by promoting the ideals of veterinary medicine, fostering relationships among veterinarians and their communities, and increasing awareness of issues surrounding veterinary medicine and animal care.

Whether you’re a pet owner, farmer or just a consumer, no doubt a veterinarian has impacted your life. Veterinarians work not only in pet hospitals and animal shelters, but on farms, in academia, government, and research as well. With their extensive education and specialized expertise, veterinarians make sure pets and farm animals are healthy, your food safe and nutritious, and your community free of many diseases. Through the OVMA, Ohio veterinarians have access to invaluable resources and continuing education to keep them on top of an ever-changing profession and ensuring animals have the best care possible.

Choosing a veterinarian is an important decision, and the OVMA is here to help you find a practitioner you feel comfortable working with. Click on “Find a Vet” to locate an OVMA member near you.