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"As an educator of veterinary technicians, the OVMA has been invaluable. Being a part of this organization keeps me informed about all the latest trends and changes within our dynamic profession so I can give my students the most up-to-date information."

—Dr. Angela Beal, Program Director, Vet Tech Institute at Bradford School


"Participating in OVMA committees and the Leadership Institute provides opportunities for networking and collaborating with colleagues across the state and disciplines. Involvement in OVMA activities broadens my veterinary community beyond private practice walls."

—Dr. Holly J. Monke-Eades, Sheffield Veterinary Hospital, London


"While veterinary medicine may have evolved over the last several years to include technological marvels, point-of-care diagnostics, and computerized record-keeping, one constant has remained—those
who devote their lives to this profession. The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association has been a focal point for such individuals, providing leadership and resources to support our continual quest for better patient care. OVMA membership is an opportunity to be a part of this select group and to help lead our profession into a bright future."

—Dr. Adam W. Ballard,Owner, Cheshire Crossing Animal Hospital


"I invite you to count on your professional family for guidance, support and unwavering faith in your abilities to lead our profession with sensitivity, diversity and skill."

Dr. Mike Hockman, Ohio Department of Agriculture


The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association … Better Together

What happens when colleagues unite to bring their collective wisdom, wants and will into one organization?

Membership is open to veterinarians and veterinary students who want to be part of a professional organization that reflects and understands we truly are better together.


What does OVMA offer?

Our members enjoy a variety of benefits, including cost-saving services, informative publications, access to online documents, OVMA workshops, and legislative resources. Find out more.


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Member Types


Active Membership

$175 annually

New Graduate Membership

2013 Graduate: Complimentary for remainder of year
2012 Graduate: $85 for 2013

Associate Membership
(Out-of-State Veterinarians)

$60 annually

Life Membership

Complimentary to Board-approved members

Student Membership

$25 for all four years of veterinary school (or $7 per year prorated)

Sustaining Membership

$60 annually

Once you've joined our ranks, take advantage of OVMA's opportunities to connect, make a difference and enhance your professional skills by joining your peers on OVMA Committees.


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