Honor Your Vet for Helping Your Pet!

Did your veterinarian go above and beyond the call of duty? Recognize him or her with a donation to the Ohio Animal Health Foundation! We'll send a special certificate along with your words of recognition to let your veterinarian know you appreciate their hard work and have helped make a difference for animals. Your tax-deductible contribution not only honors your pet's doctor, but it can also help fund projects and grants that help other animals, too.


"Dr. Trent Reynolds (Northside Animal Clinic) goes way beyond his call of duty. He truly cares and is willing to do what ever needs to be done to help your pet. He is a very caring and giving person. He is truly devoted to what he does. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for everything he has done for my fur family. Thank you, Dr. Reynolds, I don't know what we would do without you."
—Kim H., Bellefontaine

"Dr. Kelly Parker (Medina Veterinary Clinic) has gone beyond the call of duty in caring for our lab, Maverick, in his 12 years of life and especially in his passing this month. Her dedication and loving concern for all the animals in our lives—from preschool gerbils to our daughter's rock-eating lab—show us her true love of people and animals. She is a special person and veterinarian."
—Bill & Mary Jane M., Medina

Dr. Lori Bieber is wonderful!! She always goes above and beyond for her clients and patients. She came in on her day off to spend all day doing surgery on my dog and researched his case for days to give him the best care possible. She cries when we cry, and always spends the time to treat every one as an individual. She is truly compassionate and deserving of recognition!
—Nikki E., Chagrin Falls


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